Commercial Account Executive

We are recruiting for a Commercial Account Executive! Within this position, you will oversee company needs, handle daily business issues, manage company associations, and recognize business opportunities. The executive communicates and negotiates with clients or business associates. Also continuously works to strategically expand, preserve or improve the company’s procedures, standards or policies while sticking to business edicts and regulatory guidelines. 


  • Handle the client accounts and corporate relationships that fall under a commercial manager’s portfolio. 
  • Verify, oversee or approve commercial agreements and documentation 
  • Assisting commercial directors
  • Resolving contractual and commercial problems 
  • Working with contract managers 
  • Discovering areas that are not in keeping with regulation practices 
  • Offering direction and instruction
  • Reviewing, scrutinizing, and developing operational process flows 
  • Risk assessment
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders, such as administration, operations, and finance understand and adhere to contractual obligations
  • Managing daily operations


  • A Bachelor or Master’s degree in a commercial, financial, marketing or business related field
  • Previous experience in a similar role
  • Superior management and organizational skills
  • Expert negotiating skills
  • Prior industry experience
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the industry
  • Efficient presentation and communication skills
  • Focus and thoroughness
  • The capacity to be influential and amenable
  • Professionalism and cordiality
  • Solid industry networks
  • Outstanding project management expertise
  • The capacity to adequately handle work stress
  • The capacity to meet project deadlines
  • Technical knowledge of travel distribution channels
  • Decisiveness and mercantile shrewdness
  • Solid problem solving, decision making and analytical capabilities


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