Foreman Garage

We are currently recruiting for a Foreman, who will be responsible for planning, scheduling, coordinating and supervising the work within the garage. 

Main Responsibilities 

  • Maintains job work orders; keeps records of labor, materials, parts, supplies and other records necessary in the repair and maintenance process
  • Plans, schedules coordinate, supervises and occasionally participates in the work
  • Ability to diagnose difficult or unusual vehicle and equipment conditions or malfunctions and to determine effective corrective measures. 
  • Enforces the safety principles, practices, by organizing and presiding Safety Meetings and Top Box Topics.
  • Participates in and demonstrates an understanding of safety principles and practices; follows all safety policies and procedures to support a safe working environment, including safe operation of machines and equipment 

Job Requirements

  • At least 4-5 yrs of experience as garage foreman
  • Drivers License B, C, D, E
  • Licensed to operate a Forklift
  • Diesel Mechanic Certificates and schooling
  • Knowledge of Detailed Mechanical Inspection Skills of Heavy transport equipment and their structures
  • Basic computer and/or tablet experience
  • Knowledge of Equipment Parts Catalogues/Software
  • Leadership skills
  • Mechanical Diesel/Gasoline Engines Troubleshooting skills
  • Knowledge of GenSets (Diesel generator Units)
  • Knowledge of Electronic troubleshooting and use of Diagnostic Tools/Software
  • Familiarity with chemical products, use, disposal and Safety Data Sheets application  
  • Comprehensive understanding of customer service, principles and practices  
  • Ability to work within a team or independently as needed
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills  
  • Proven ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Willing to work evenings, on call and weekends when requested

Physical Demands

  • Frequent lifting from 2-18 kg, unassisted (from 35-65% of the time)  
  • Occasional lifting from 18 kg +, assisted (up to 50% of the time)  
  • Access and mobility in tight spaces 
  • Working at Heights - over 1.5 meters, periodically 
  • Sustained periods of standing, sitting, walking, bending, and kneeling


Recruitment Consultant