Head Of Fabrication

The head of fabrication department is part of the leadership team. The team will work together to deliver the company objectives set and will nurture a safe, efficient and a customer centric ethos across the organization which strives for continuous improvement. 
  • Accountable to Head of Operations for the:
  • Safe, effective and timely delivery of fabrication solutions.
  • Performance of the Fabrication department in line with company objectives.
  • Proactively contributing to the leadership team to ensure the organisation meets its overall objectives.

Service delivery: Provide leadership and strong management to the Fabrication Team to meet the departmental objectives. Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Providing technical expertise and oversight on all fabrication matters.
  • Ensuring oversight of all fabrication functions and ensure consistent quality assurance can be evidenced.
  • Approval of all fabrication customer quotes related to the fabrication department. When required creation of quotes may not be limited to fabrication. The Head of fabrication shall have an adequate working knowledge of all capabilities to create accurate quotes for the company. Large quotes will require sign off from the Head of Operations/ Director.
  • Ensuring fabrication elements delivered on time and on schedule meeting the expectation of the customers. He shall raise any deviances in a timely manner to the appropriate customer or project manager.
  • Managing planning, workflows and scheduling to maximise efficiency and create a transparency. When relevant, coordinate with the appropriate Project Manager or Head of Departments to ensure priorities are aligned with company objectives.
  • The proactive sourcing and procurement of fabrication components which meet customer demand and maintain adequate stock levels

Customer Service: Demonstrate a customer centric approach to service delivery. Lead the Fabrication department to ensure it has the capability to meet the needs of todays and future customers. The Head of Fabrication shall work with the rest of the Leadership team to ensure that:

  • The Leadership Team grows customer satisfaction across the organisation.
  • Work with Project Managers and department heads to ensure decisions are made in the best interests of the customer while meeting financial obligations.
  • Provide timely technical support and input in a transparent manner.

Continuous improvement: The Head of Fabrication shall ensure the correct processes are currently in place to facilitate the safe and efficient running of the Fabrication department. He/She shall also ensure that there is a plan in place to grow the capability of the department in line with company objectives. Within the Fabrication department the Head of Fabrication shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring current systems and processes are in place to meet current company objectives. Currently these are transparently meeting customer expectations, providing quality assurance and consistently operating within committed budgetary frameworks.
  • Ensuring that the department has the appropriate capability in place to meet todays seasonal demands. This should include skills, capacity, and resilience within the team, and a plan in place to meet future demands. Where possible leave, contracts of employment and costs should be managed to reflect season demands.
  • An appropriate plan in place to grow the capability withing the team. This includes coaching and training within the team and bringing best practices to the organisation.
  • Ensuring robust performance management is used within the team to grow current capability, maximise individual potential, reward good performance and enhance the job satisfaction of the team.
  • Create a fair environment within the team that ensures the wellbeing of all employees including the proactive management of leave, timekeeping, sickness and career development.
Skills/qualities/qualifications required for Head of Fabrication:
  • Leadership – by able to set direction, set up systems and motivate skilled and unskilled team to deliver quality products. Organise, priorities multiple tasks to deliver multiple customer requests. Manage a team of 15 – 20 people
  • Technically sound – Knowledge of fabrication, be able understand customer requirements, know what is needed technically to deliver on requirements and ensure quality of workshop output.
  • Customer Service – Ideally be able to authentically interact with small yacht captains or large mega yacht chief engineers and captains, taking on technical requirements of a job, provide accurate quotes, plan tasks and manage customer expectations.
  • Methodical and structured approach to delivery.
  • Be able to set objectives and standards of working, hold people to account and strive for excellence.

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