Key Account Manager Legal

The Key Account Manager Legal is responsible for general legal and compliance aspects of the client companies in own portfolio, in order to make sure, that they are in good legal standing (monitoring status on amongst others AGM’s, AML, KYC documentation) and in line with legislation and clients expectations.

The Key Account Manager Legal works under supervision of the Business Unit Manager and gets work assigned by the Senior Account Manager and/or the Relationship Manager.

Responsibilities & Requirements


  • Drafts standard services agreements and ancillary documents;
  • Incorporates companies and ensures good legal standing during the whole “lifecycle” of the companies;
  • Manages routine general legal issues of the companies under his/her management.


  • Executes defined and standard corporate and financial transactions of client companies, such as capital increase, participations, distribution of dividends, granting or obtaining loan facility.


  • Takes care of compliance issues and client acceptance in line with compliance policy  & transactions monitoring.


  • Maintains proper (legal) records of all actions taken.

System Use

  • Uses the available systems (laserfiche, viewpoint, office) in line with the procedures, in order to ensure efficiency.

Account Management

  • Has an own client portfolio and may act as the contact person with respect to standard legal operational issues.


  • Is responsible for billing and collection of receivables;
  • Submits the time writing on a timely basis to ensure appropriate chargeability and proper invoicing.

Client retention

  • Identifies client needs and satisfaction issues and alerts to the Relationship Manager.


  • Bachelor in Legal;
  • Up-to-date relevant legal knowledge: current legislation;
  • Knowledge of procedures & policies
  • Knows trust business and is aware of impact of own work on overall business success;
  • Min. 3 years of trust experience.


  • Billable hours
  • Write offs
  • Collection of receivables
  • File review
  • In time delivery of all client documents 
  • Prompt reply to client requests
  • Compliance with procedures & regulations
  • Client retention

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