Payroll Assistant

The Payroll Assistant is primarily responsible for the end to end management and processing of the payroll for all staff and the provision of high quality comprehensive payroll service by ensuring that salaries and related expenses are paid in a timely and accurate manner. The payroll assistant is also responsible for preparing analytical reports and gather information by using payroll software. Organizing and reporting payroll information used in audits. Maintains employees' payroll records up to date. The Payroll Assistant ensures that all necessary paperwork for tax deductions and benefits are timely prepared, authorized and paid to local government authorities. This position will also include but not limited to end of month reconciliation and general administration and support to employees for payroll related matters. 
Is responsible for an up to date payroll administration by:
  • Ensuring all payroll mutations are processed efficiently and accurate.
  • Collecting, calculating, and entering data in order to maintain and update payroll information.
  • Coordinating with the HR department to ensure correct employee data.
  • Providing information and answering employee questions and concerns about payroll related matters.
  • Following up with pension fund and with HR Department of Subs for the necessary updating information.
  • Stay up-to-date on payroll and tax laws and requirements.
  • Periodically update payroll mutations and ensure these are aligned with government requirements. 
  • Keeping up to date with changes to payroll and pensions practices for implementation.
Performs several administration tasks for an efficient and timely handling of payroll matters by: 
  • Preparing and processing mutations within the payroll software;
  • Process all new hires, leavers and transfers and maintain employee records up to date and ensure these are periodically updated within payroll software. 
  • Performing monthly account balance and payroll reconciliations. Difference identified need to be analyzed and documented. Submit prepared reconciliations on a monthly base to HR internal auditor for review. 
  • Ensuring that relevant HR related documents are uploaded within payroll software
  • Support the HR team with required reports and payroll information. 
Handles administration matters related to Government Institutions and third parties:
  • Preparing and submit all necessary paperwork for tax deductions, benefits and garnishments.
  • Preparing periodic payroll reports for third parties/stake holders.
  • Responsible for filing tax.
Payroll Reporting: 
  • Maintain reports and payroll transaction to support the integrity of the system and to meet audit standards.
  • Generating various Human Resources related reports 
  • Preparation of various payroll related reports for HRD Management as required. 
  • Ensures all required reports are accurate and disbursed in a timely matter. 
Skills/knowledge requirements of the position:
  • MBO-plus - business administration
  • Minimum 3-5 year experience in payroll processing and administration. 
  • Demonstrated data entry and computer based payroll experience;
  • Proven high level of accuracy and attention to details;
  • Problem solving and analytical skills and mindset.
  • Experience with salary calculation and personnel administration.
  • Knowledge and understanding of tax and social legislation
  • The ability and desire to improve current systems through newly defined efficiencies and process improvement initiatives;
  • Strong computer skills, experience with MS Office programs, including but not limited to: word processing, email, preparation of tables and Excel spreadsheets. Sound understanding and/or experience with databases is essential;
  • Excellent time management skills including the ability to plan, set priorities and to meet deadlines, with flexibility to alter priorities to meet changing demands;
  • Operational knowledge of payroll software and best practice;
  • Discreet, customer-oriented and strong communication skills

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