Terminal Guide

For our relation we are looking for customer oriented and dynamic Terminal Guides.
Key areas of responsibilities

Is responsible for inspections and support of the operations

  • Coordinates the daily terminal operations in close collaboration with OPS.
  • Takes preventive measures in consultation with OPS ADM on duty to avoid obstacles and to ensure a smooth passenger flow.
  • Inspects the daily APP and advice the ADM on duty on projected bottlenecks that will impact effectiveness of customer process.
  • Monitors correct implementation of the daily APP by stakeholders report immediately to ADM on duty on breach by stakeholders.
  • Monitors correct implementation of safety rules and regulations by all users and report immediately to ADM on duty on breach by users.
  • Implements and complies with safety and other manuals, standards and regulations.
  • Monitors waiting times and report to terminal coordinator.
  • Monitors queuing in the terminal and find creative ways to organize the queueing.
  • Coordinates the daily passenger flow to implement process and procedural improvements.
  • Conducts routine audits of terminal facility areas to ensure they are in clean, safe and proper operating condition (maintenance);
  • Collaborates with the Terminal Coordinator for repairs and reports of inoperable terminal facilities. 
  • Advises the Terminal Coordinator on creative solutions to improve passenger process for a smooth operation.
  • Enforces work quality and safety standards, recommends or takes action regarding discipline for terminal stakeholders and tenants.
  • Maintains standard of performance and quality of service through routine audits and inspection of passenger, VIP Lounge/information booth, stakeholders and tenant facilities, acts upon unpredictable circumstances using knowledge and experience.
  • Recommends and advises on alternative methods of cleaning, scheduling and/ or organizing for improvements of the passenger process to the terminal coordinator.
  • Identifies and follows up on non-emergency and emergency maintenance needs in the terminal.
  • Participates in organizing and coordinating special projects/events, emergency and evacuation drills, holiday and special event activities.
  • Guides passengers at the control and transfer check point to get access to the restricted areas inside the terminals.
  • Provides daily reports and information to the Terminal Coordinator related to the daily operations and all irregularities.

Is responsible for Customer Care

  • Provides information and answers questions of passengers and customers (all stakeholders) in the terminals.
  • Attends the main phone line and answer all questions according to stipulated standards.
  • Responds to and resolves public/passenger/stakeholders requests and (simple) concerns, particularly in the areas of safety, lost and found, and maintenance and customer complaints, reports more difficult problems to the Terminal Coordinator.
  • Assists the Terminal Coordinator or department manager if needed with other activities/projects and performs duties within the line of work.

Provides a general contribution to the organization’s objectives

  • Comes with proposed solutions to identified problems;
  • Communicates and works closely with colleagues;
  • Contributes to a positive working atmosphere and team spirit within the organization;
  • Performs other related activities as required.

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